These pictures are stunningly beautiful. What a wonderful neighborhood you have. Lovely.


Hello to you all and to the new season which I was so much looking forward to have it again… I don’t know you but I missed to walk for long hours in the nature,

to see the fresh nature colors on the street, and to take interesting photos under the changing light of the day after going through a heavy winter.

Finally, spring is showing that it is back; sometimes by its bright sunshiny days , sometimes by its mild or wild refreshing rainy days. Sometimes all mixed in a day…

To enjoy the fresh spring day out, I took a walk in the morning last sunday and I came across by stunning celebration of nature in the park.

The nature was absolutely shouting that it was back by blooming flowers in white, yellow, lily, multicolor all sorts,

bright green leaves were growing back on the trees. All this…

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