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It was an absolutely crazy idea, but it could be done.

My father-in-law had done it before, and he was the one that convinced my dad and I to do it with him and a friend. A four man team, crossing the Grand Canyon, North Rim to South Rim in one day. It would be like walking a marathon, but through the Grand Canyon. I trained for a few months before, running stairs and preparing my knees. Physically I knew I would be fine, but I was trying to figure out the photo aspect of it. You can’t cross the Grand Canyon and not take photos (especially when you’re a professional photographer).

I decided to walk all 24ish miles with my Canon 5D strapped around my neck, with a lightweight 50mm 1.8 lens. That’s it. It was first and foremost a hike, and we had to keep walking. I didn’t…

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I m lucky enough to enjoy nature and crossing seasons recently with all its glory. Today, I am just back from the trip which we made up on to the mountains. Me and Barış were kind of thinking since Spring season has already arrived to Istanbul it was time now to chase after it on the country site. So we have decided to visit my cousin who happily lives with his wife on the Bolu mountains since more than 10 years… It took us 2 and half hours to reach to place where we headed. But the season we come across was nothing like Spring. Was it matter really? Noooo!!!! After seeing all the stunning beauty of nature, smelling the fresh grass and smoky woods I said to myself “nature is always welcoming, pure, stunning and beautiful with all sorts of shapes and colors” so I don’t need any specific…

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These pictures are stunningly beautiful. What a wonderful neighborhood you have. Lovely.


Hello to you all and to the new season which I was so much looking forward to have it again… I don’t know you but I missed to walk for long hours in the nature,

to see the fresh nature colors on the street, and to take interesting photos under the changing light of the day after going through a heavy winter.

Finally, spring is showing that it is back; sometimes by its bright sunshiny days , sometimes by its mild or wild refreshing rainy days. Sometimes all mixed in a day…

To enjoy the fresh spring day out, I took a walk in the morning last sunday and I came across by stunning celebration of nature in the park.

The nature was absolutely shouting that it was back by blooming flowers in white, yellow, lily, multicolor all sorts,

bright green leaves were growing back on the trees. All this…

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Tuesday funny: All The Things You Must Have Said To Your Children, In Poster Form. We ran across these absolutely hilarious masterpieces on DesignTaxi and felt obligated to share such comical pieces.

Iowa-based artist Nathan Ripperger has come up with a series of humorous yet adorable posters expressing the things he has said to his children. At the time, they may have been some serious situations, but looking back now, things that you might have said to your children seem pretty comical now.

If your words are still not going down well with your kids, perhaps these posters would be more effective? Then again, maybe not.

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